April 20, 2017

Doctor Strange Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai Official Photos and Price

Photos of the Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai action figure of Doctor Strange are up. Now we got to see this toy in color and for my initial impression: it looks pretty good.

Dr. Strange
Variant Dr. Strange looks similar to the movie version but with more anime and flashier clothing design. In my opinion, unlike some Marvel VPAK designs (Spiderman, Cap. America and Black Widow), this looks like a legit design, like Dr. Strange will wear those clothes in the comics. I like the green parts of the costume. I also like the cape, it looks really cool, I just hope it's not heavy.

Spell casting while floatin' around.
Dr, Strange have a lot of accessories but some are exact copies like the two spell effects (magic circles and lightning looking effects) which all of them are green. For extra hands, the doctor have L/R spell hands (green), L/R spell gesture hands, L/R fists and a right spell gesture hand.

You can now pre-order this Dr. Strange VPAK. It costs around $147.00 (approx. 7,320.00Php) I'm not a fan of Dr. Strange so I'll definitely pass on this one, If you are a fan of the guy, I definitely recommend this to you.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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