April 05, 2017

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Play Arts Kai Aqua Official Photos and Price

Hey Kingdom Hearts fans! The official photos and price of the Aqua Play Arts Kai action figure are up. Yes, Aqua is frequently on SQEX's display during events and we already saw her in color. But still, I will voice my opinion about this figure.

[UPDATED 04.06.2017]

Master Aqua
Aqua looks really, really good. I'm a sucker on simple designs, that's why I like this character and this figure. I just hope that she's a bit larger than KH2 figures and at scale with the rest of the larger PAK figures.

This pose looks pretty awesome
Aqua have really few accessories, same amount as Riku (KH2). She got her Rainfell Keyblade, for extra hands, she got a right gripping hand and a pair of fists. The accessory quantity kinda sucks.

UPDATE: Aqua also have another Keyblade, the Master's Defender (Eraqus' Keyblade)

Okay, pricing! Aqua costs around 10,880 Yen (about $98.00 and 4,905 Php). I can accept the lower price and I like Aqua, so I'll definitely gonna pick this action figure up! Trouble is that her release date is around July 2017, the same month as Lunafreya and Cindy PAK figures. Now I ask the same question again: Where's the action figures of Terra and Ventus?

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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