April 04, 2017

Magneto Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai Official Photos and Price

Time to go to my new normal life and back to work and fun (one step at the time). So the official photos of the Variant Play Arts Kai Magneto is now out on the wild and we got to see the toy in color. Let's check it out a bit.

Magneto, The Master of Magnetism, Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants
Magneto looks really cool. I really like the glowing pupil-less eyes effect. The paint and color choices applied are really great. I like the helmet's glossyness, I kinda wished the same goes for rest of his suit. The overall design of Variant Magneto looks really cool and kinda close to Jim Lee's original design. The variant design tells me that the cape is made out of tiny metal pieces.

Flyin' around causing trouble.
As for accessories, Magneto have few of them. He got an extra interchangeable angrier face sculpt, two electric charge effects and two extra pairs of open hands. I wish there were more like random metallic objects that can be used as a projectile, but we ourselves can provide that by picking some broken pieces from old toys.

You can now pre-order Variant Magneto. The figure will be available in Japan in August and it costs around 15,984 Yen (approx $145.00 or 7,200.00 Php). Well that's pretty pricey. This figure is meant for Marvel Variant PAK collectors. As for me, I want to pick this cool toy up, but I'll pass because of the toy's price.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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