May 06, 2017

Original Art: Felise Vril

Time to share another pencil artwork drawn by yours truly. I made another OC (original character) that will serve as a mascot/representative character for PETRIFIED designs. I will share first the female OC because I drew her first, that means I also made a male OC, also a mascot/representative character.

Here's the artwork, well partially. I already made some adjustments on her design, so it looks different if I show you the actual artwork personally.

...and there's my pencil...
I named her Felise Vril, the name sounds like a amusement park ride. Saying "Felise" a bit faster is the correct pronunciation of her name. Hobbies defines a character so her hobbies are: Listening to music, bike riding and video games.

I also have something in mind for my two new OC's: I'm planning to hire someone to make them an action figure or a small statue... if I have spare cash, that is :D.

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