May 14, 2017

We Tried Some Food at Gringo Restaurant

Gringo Chicken, Ribs, Friends
Whenever I say those words, it sounded weird... how friends taste like?
Happy Mothers Day everyone! There's a newly opened restaurant at a nearby mall, so we went there and tried some of their food to celebrate this day.

The name of the restaurant (in case you didn't read the post title) is Gringo. It's a Mexican themed restaurant that I honestly never heard of. Anyway we ordered Gringo Original Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, Chili Con Carne Fries, and Chili Con Carne Tacos.

Chili Con Carne Fries
The cheese got hard really fast
This is the starter, chili con carne fries. I thought there would be more fries considering the Php165.00 price. But the good thing is it tasted pretty good. The fries are crunchy and the chili con with cheese have a kind of unique taste.

Chili Con Carne Taco
My brother-in-law ordered the Chili Con Carne Tacos. I didn't took a bite because it's not mine. He said the chili con is like the same as the fries but with more vegetables because it's a taco.

Gringo Original Chicken
Now for the main dishes, the Gringo Original Chicken tasted great. It's soft and the chicken skin tastes good. The chicken tastes even better when I dipped it into the hotsauce that tastes familiar. We didn't order the Gringo Southern Spice Chicken, because we got a feeling that it's gonna be spicy, our mother, especially our grandmother doesn't like spicy foods.

Gringo Baby Backed Ribs
The Gringo Baby Backed Ribs looks pretty tasty but I'm not a fan of ribs so I passed on that and I forgot to ask my sister how the food taste.

Mexican Rice
We ordered Mexican Rice and the normal White Rice for side dish. Once I tasted the hotsauce, my tongue can't taste the rice. My palate got messed up by the hotsauce, I guess.

Overall the food we ordered tastes great, we're satisfied, I/we might come back at Gringo Restaurant to try the other foods on the menu.

Oh we forgot to order some friends..! Okay, that joke is bad.

Cheers and Happy Mothers Day!

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